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To accompany the launch of McDonald's Malaysia's new McFish burger, the team at Creative Juice KL came up with a Rasa Happy (Feel Happy) campaign targeting families and kids. A play on the heart-warming traditional Malay song 'Rasa Sayang' (Feel Love), Rasa Happy sought to put the "happy" back into the McDonald's Happy Meal by bringing to mind loving family moments, a childlike playfulness, and a warm feeling of togetherness and familiarity. 

Whimsical and endearing scenarios are "doodled" onto images of the McFish Happy Meal, putting a cheeky twist on ordinary food shots, as if a kid took a marker and let his imagination run wild on them. The iconic Happy Meal box comes alive and is full of stories. They are meant to be fun and to put a smile on the customers' faces. 


McD HM McFish Window Stickers-02 (1)McD HM McFish Window Stickers-02 (1)